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Pure Reconnexion
in Megève

Your wellness retreat in Megève
an exceptional private retreat

Discover our exceptional private retreats in Megève. Nestled amid spectacular scenery, with breathtaking views of the Alpine peaks, our chalets offer an enchanting setting where luxury and intimacy meet.

Your stay will be orchestrated by our concierge service, whose sole aim is to make your mountain experience unforgettable.

Pure Reconnexion
your wellness retreat in the Alps

Experience an exceptional private retreat at Megève, a peaceful spot nestled in the heart of the Alps where you can learn to reconnect with yourself.

Goddess Yoga, Meditation...

Our "Pure Reconnection" private retreat is a true experience for yourself. Over the course of four days, holistic activities, practices and workshops combining well-being and discovery will help you to let go : Goddess Yoga classes, meditation and silent walks.


An unforgettable wellness retreat in Megève

Rediscover simple, authentic sensations in an exceptional setting. Awaken your mind, body and soul with our unique wellness program. In addition to activities, you can enjoy exclusive treatments in our Pure Altitude Spas. Treat yourself to relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials and other treatments that will awaken your senses.


Charline, Dietician - Nutritionist, Goddess Yoga Specialist

For years, Charline has been training in a variety of practices as her life and experiences have unfolded. For her, becoming a mother has led her to delve deep inside herself, to learn to ride the wave, and to accompany women going through upheavals in their lives. Sunny and optimistic, with a passion for adventure, Charline is a woman captivated by movement and self-exploration.


Your private chalet with 5 star service

The nature around Megève offers the perfect opportunity to let the mountains revive you. Rejuvenate and relax in our Chalet Chatel, part of the "Les Chalets des Fermes" collection, with 5 star service from Les Fermes de Marie. This luxury serviced chalet is the perfect place for a tailor-made stay.



A wellness program that brings you back in touch with your body and emotions, through a variety of practices: Goddess Yoga Circle, silent and meditative walks, Lymphatic Drainage, France Guillain Workshops (Miam ô Fruits, Miam ô 5), initiation to Clay, cold packs and drift baths. All set to the rhythm of delicious, healthy, gourmet meals using local, seasonal produce, under the guidance of Charline, dietician, using the France Guillain method.


A tailor-made stay
in your Megève chalet


Welcome to the Chalet with your Chalet Manager

Accommodation in our Chalet Chatel (5 bedroom), with private concierge service

Daily cleaning

4 day activities

Full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

4 days - 3 nights. From 5 to 10 people.

Price from € 1,320 /person including accommodation

On request: possibility of adding treatments at our Spa Pure Altitude

What to do in Megeve in winter ?


Lʼété in Megève

Stay in a luxury chalet and enjoy outstanding hotel service. Whatever your expectations, our teams will be there for you.

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Horse-drawn carriage ride

Emblem of Megève par excellence, the horse-drawn carriage promises you a bucolic ride through the picturesque streets of our village. At night, when Megeve lights up, it's the perfect moment for a romantic stroll...

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Megeve City Guide

The Art of Tea at the Mont-Blanc Hotel

At tea time, we go through the door of the tea room "Le Georges". A chic and gourmet place just a stone's throw from the Place de l'Eglise, where you can share incredible pastries, such as the mythical Mont-Blanc and its delicious chestnut cream, blueberry tart, coffee éclair, or nun, accompanied by the rarest teas and hot chocolates, prepared here in the old-fashioned way.

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Megeve City Guide

Trendy Après-Ski at the Lodge Park

The place to be after a day on the slopes? The Lodge Park Bar of course, in the heart of the village! After some wild descents we meet up with friends under the giant tepee to share a glass of mulled wine or an Apple Spice, the secret of the house, while the DJ remixes classics!

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Megeve City Guide

Meat experience at the Beef Lodge

The Lodge Park, with its trendy and cosy atmosphere, looks like a chic Nordic refuge and houses an exceptional steak house. So let yourself be transported to this elegant lodge at the end of the world to savour rare meats, matured and cooked according to the rules of the art.


In this refined place adorned with wood and warm hangings, enhanced with trophies and skins, we detail, as one would leaf through a travel diary, the map and the butcher's stall which present only exceptional meats. To be more precise? Meat selected from the best farms in the world by Olivier Metzger, butcher (based in Neuilly and Rungis) for four generations and who supplies the finest French tables with his brother Franck, including the Beef Lodge. The meats are then cooked by a passionate chef, Christophe Côte (a predestined name, it seems), then presented and advised by the "bouchelier" (meat adviser) Romain Massiera, who is also in charge of the Beef Lodge.


At Heart

As Olivier Metzger explains: "Exceptional meat is an animal that is well treated, well raised and well slaughtered. It must have three main qualities: tenderness, 'juiciness', with a beautiful red colour, and a good marbling (editor's note: fat microorganisms) to be melting. "And if each terroir has its own specificity, which varies according to the climate, the breed and the food of the animals, in this luxury steak house, the meats selected and matured here are selected above all for their qualities. No specific breed on the menu therefore, as Chef Christophe Cote points out, but exceptional animals. "The breed doesn't have much to do with it, I prefer to work on a product that has been selected by the butcher, then we work with breeders and slaughterhouses. "Moreover, he sometimes even accompanies Olivier Metzger to the breeders' premises or joins him at Rungis, just to see the animals or follow the maturing process. Even if the cutting and cooking work is just as essential. "Christophe is a real meat expert, he has an extraordinary love of the product, like the Sibuet family, who have a real education and an incredible love of products", says Olivier Metzger. So much so that the chef and his teams have followed training courses at the École Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de la Viande with Olivier Metzger and also work at a school in Groisy, in Haute-Savoie, where they teach students how to cut meat in the catering trade.


Lodge Park

100 Rue d'Arly
74120 Megève - FR

Tel: +33 4 50 93 05 03
Mail: contact@lodgepark.com

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